We have prepared some initial resources for you to use with your Year 10 students for their upcoming VCE subject selection. Feel free to use in whatever way you feel appropriate.



Professor John HajekProfessor John HajekDante Reid ambassadorDante ReidJake KiteJake KiteMaya TudorinMaya TudorinRiccardo AmoratiRiccardo Amorati

Promotional Videos

Italy is Simply ExtraordinaryItaly is Simply ExtraordinaryItaly - the Extraordinary CommonplaceItaly - the Extraordinary CommonplaceRomaRoma

Giro d’Italia 2022 - distretti


This is a link to a youtube playlist on the stages of the giro d’Italia with historical and artistic highlights – highly recommended for teachers to use at their convenience.

Benefits of Learning a Language

Download this standalone powerpoint on why you should continue to study Italian beyond Year 10.



This is a link to a “Kahoot” trivia on Italy. Teachers can access it and play it with their class but should have their own kahoot account.


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