The impact of EPI within Victorian Schools

In this workshop we will delve into the transformative impact of EPI (Extensive Processing Instruction). Dr Gianfranco Conti’s ground-breaking approach, EPI, offers a fresh approach to language teaching. We will unravel its’ profound implications for educators and students of Italian in a Victorian Languages Curriculum setting. We will look at how EPI has been applied across three schools in Victoria and explore the remarkable correlations in outcomes within our target groups. Through hands-on activities, case studies, and collaborative discussions, participants will gain practical strategies and tools to integrate EPI principles into their teaching practices. Whether you are an experienced educator or just beginning your teaching journey, this workshop promises to provide valuable insights and innovative approaches to support students in their quest for second language proficiency. EPI is a game-changer in the realm of second language learning. Together, we can empower our students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


VATI Congress 2024 BIO.

Tina Di Camillo

Tina Di Camillo is the Head of Languages at Siena College where she has taught Italian at all levels from 7 – 12.  An experienced VCAA assessor, her passion is student engagement in the language learning, which was the subject of her Master’s Thesis in 2020. An alumnus of The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership and an inaugural graduate of The Teaching Excellence Program 2022, she has continued to explore, test and trial strategies that promote student engagement in language learning.

Ashley Green

Ashley Green is the Head of Languages and Year 7 - 12 Italian teacher at a large Co-Educational government secondary school in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

She participated in the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Learning's Teaching Excellence Program in its inaugural year in 2022. 

This year she is continuing work already started during the Teaching Excellence Program - researching and trialling different teaching methodologies to increase engagement, motivation, and self-efficacy in Junior Years Italian, in the hope this leads to greater retention in senior levels. 

Eleonora Luisetto

Eleonora Luisetto, a dedicated educator and advocate for Italian language and culture, brings a wealth of experience from diverse fields, including visual arts, design, and non-profit work. She is a graduate of The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership and The Teaching Excellence Program 2022. Former Head of Languages and current NFP Board Member and Alumni Advisor. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, with articles and reviews published in publications such as Orrizonti, IL Globo, and The Languages Victoria, the MLTAV e-journal. Committed to fostering vibrant educational communities, she champions second language acquisition and lifelong learning. Follow Eleonora on Instagram: @theitalianclassroom and @thevisualartsclassroom.