Title: Student driven, teacher directed: practical pedagogy to promote Italian learning.

How do you fulfil curriculum requirements whilst also inspiring student passion for languages?

In this workshop we will explore how teachers can deliver engaging and enjoyable courses based on students’ strengths and interests, providing realistic tips and resources to put into practice. Based on current research, student surveys and interviews, as well as teacher experience; this workshop is designed to help teachers promote the study of Italian and improve retention rates, whilst acknowledging the classroom limitations we all face. Focus areas include: educational tours and cultural exchanges, in-class immersion, co-designed and project-based learning, technology.



John Di Natale is a passionate and experienced VCE Italian teacher of 34 years. He has taught from Year 7 to Year 12 in co-ed and single sex schools, and is currently at Marcellin College, working as Language Coordinator to promote and enrich language learning. John has also been a VCAA oral and written exam assessor for more than 25 years. He is always working to discover and implement engaging and innovative Italian teaching strategies. One of his primary interests is creating meaningful and impactful educational tour and exchange programs that develop students’ cultural and linguistic skills.