The public release of ChatGPT in October 2022 introduced Artificial Intelligence for the masses: everyone could have a conversation with the most advanced "artificial brain" on the planet. 


Since ChatGPT can hold conversations in multiple languages, it can become a valuable asset in the teaching of foreign languages, acting as a language tutor.

With the help of a simple add-on, ChatGPT can speak and listen as well, helping with the pronunciation and teach new words; moreover, its conversation can deal with any subject, even impersonating a fictional character to make the session more entertaining. 

However, ChatGPT still exhibits uncanny behaviour, sometimes it "hallucinates" and cannot tell fact from fiction, needing strict guidance to be successfully introduced in the classroom.

The talk will show how to install ChatGPT with the text-to-speech add-on on an Android phone, and give some practical examples and  tips on how to use it to teach Italian.

Biography: Luca Morandini holds a Master of Science in Statistics, has had a long career in software engineering, is a Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne, and currently works at the Melbourne eResearch Group (Faculty of Engineering and IT) as a Cloud Architect.