Workshop for VATI Conference: Brain Breaks Enhancing learning in the Italian primary language classroom

Explore the power of brain breaks in enhancing learning within the Italian language classroom for primary school students. Led by an experienced language educator, this session will delve into the importance of incorporating short, energising activities to promote focus, engagement, and retention among young learners.

Participants will discover a variety of fun and effective brain break strategies that can be used in the language classroom or wider school environment. From quick language games to movement-based activities infused with Italian vocabulary, attendees will leave equipped with a toolkit of dynamic techniques to seamlessly integrate into their teaching practice.

Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to teaching Italian, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical ideas to invigorate your classroom and optimise student learning. 



As a dedicated language teacher in Victoria, Isabel has passionately worked in imparting Italian language skills to primary school children for 18 years. With a contagious enthusiasm for Italian culture and language, she cultivates an engaging and dynamic classroom atmosphere where students thrive. Through innovative teaching methods and immersive activities, she aims to instil not only linguistic proficiency but also a profound appreciation for cultural diversity. She has worked in classrooms, research programs, resource writing and incursions. Her commitment to fostering a love for languages and global connections shines through her dynamic approach to education.