Title: Make it, say it, write it!


With such a limited time to teach language in a week I found myself in need of a new way of teaching that targets the various student learning styles as well as keeping student engagement high. After doing some research I came up with a system in which the language used in a topic is practiced through a shared story that students read aloud using gestures via a story map, practice vocabulary through rhythm and games and, use sentence construction cards to visualise grammar patterns. This all culminates in students being engaged in speaking the target language as well as summarising their learning in a written composition.


James Rampant is a Japanese/Performing Arts teacher living in Melbourne Australia. After teaching English in Japan for three years James moved back to Australia to teach Japanese in the primary classroom and, through his passion for music, found himself teaching in both the language and performing arts spaces. He also has a website called https://www.spacekoala.com which has games, crafts and music videos for students to practice their Japanese and for teachers to use in their classrooms.