Enabling students' growth: differentiation in action


While we all strive towards using effective differentiation in each of our lessons, it can often seem daunting, time-consuming, and eventually just too hard to implement in the Languages classroom. However, with the right tools, differentiation can be achieved relatively painlessly and consistently. This session will highlight how using skill progressions can help teachers provide meaningful learning and target their instruction to extend the knowledge and skills of every student, regardless of their starting point. Through some practical and trialled examples, participants will discover how to create effective formative and summative assessment tools that foster metacognition and self-regulation, thus empowering students to monitor their own growth.

Nathalie Marchand is a passionate and accomplished Language educator and certified Professional translator, and has been actively involved in language education at secondary and primary levels for over 23 years.

With various Language and educational degrees, she has extensive experience teaching GCSE and A level French in the UK, and the MYP, PYP, IB and VCE French courses in two independent Victorian schools since 2007. Nathalie has acquired an extensive knowledge and experience in developing engaging teaching strategies and designing curriculum through her roles as head of department for French, year level coordinator and author, examiner and content consultant on teaching and learning material for the Quoi de Neuf? Series.