Exploration AI’s transformative potential in language education.

In today's educational landscape shaped by technology, AI integration redefines pedagogical strategies, notably within language classrooms. This session explores AI's transformative potential in language education, comparing traditional resource development with AI-generated content. Attendees will discover how AI dynamically scaffolds resources to meet diverse learner needs, extending text complexity to match developmental stages and fostering autonomous learning experiences. We'll explore AI's capacity to personalise and scaffold learning materials, catering to individual learner preferences, interests, and strengths. This encompasses content creation, curriculum, and assessment development, aiding educators in tailoring materials to specific student needs. Through examples and demonstrations, participants will see how AI enhances engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. They'll leave with actionable insights to revolutionise instructional practices, leveraging AI to craft meaningful, relevant, and individualised learning materials for today's educational needs.


Mark Gabriele

Mark is invigorated by exploring new and exciting pedagogical strategies that connect Languages and ICT advancements in the Education sector. Currently serving as the Lead Language Teacher at Plenty Valley Christian College, Mark is dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance student engagement and empower teachers. With a focus on boosting Italian language studies, Mark has spearheaded the growth of the Italian program at the college, culminating in the introduction of its first VCE Languages classes in 2024 and exchange trip in 2025. Beyond curriculum development, Mark has pioneered the 'Ready to Tech' program, designed to equip year 7 students with essential ICT skills as they embark on their high school journey. His commitment to fostering engaging language learning environments is evident in his innovative approach, which seamlessly integrates authentic Italian instruction with contemporary ICT applications.