Session 4. 1:30pm. Room 7

One of the most important challenges currently facing language teachers is making second language learning meaningful and engaging for students. If we want Italian to remain a valuable option on the school timetable, more than ever, we need to engage students to want to learn it. In this workshop Marie will use her extensive school experience in introducing a number of CLIL programs to demonstrate the benefits of CLIL as a strategy to increase students' motivation and engagement in their language learning. This workshop introduces the main elements of a successful CLIL course and focuses on ways to implement a CLIL Italian program in a primary school. It will encourage teachers to “have a go” at creating their own CLIL programs and will offer practical examples and resources that participants can adapt to suit their own school environment.

Marie Petersen

Dr Marie Petersen has had over 30 years experience teaching Italian at both the primary and secondary levels. Marie completed her doctoral studies at the University of Melbourne in the area of Teacher Professional Learning in Schools. She has also completed a “Certificate Di Frequenza” at the Istituto Di Lingua e Cultura Italiana Michelangelo in Florence, Italy. She is currently an Italian teacher at Coburg West Primary School where she has successfully implemented a range of CLIL programs at her school. Marie is passionate about teaching Italian and engaging students in their language learning.