Session 4. 1:30pm. Room 9

The presenters will involve you in a practical demonstration of what a typical year 7-10 Italian CLIL class can look like. The session will focus on how lessons that focus on building creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and a sense of community combine to engage students in their learning and foster a love of learning. 

Max Tosi & Alessandra Borg

Massimiliano leads the Languages department and Italian Immersion program at Thornbury High School. Together with his Italian team, he focuses on engaging students in Italian and sharing his love of History and the Arts with them through CLIL based learning. Outside of the classroom, Massimiliano is a passionate soccer fan, gardener, and cook. 

Alessandra, during her studies, analysed several approaches for learning a second language, concluding that the best environment to replace students’ fear of making mistakes with enthusiasm for learning would be the Performing Arts class taught in Italian. Her background in music performance and love of learning Italian inform her approach to CLIL teaching.