Session 3. 12:00 noon. Room 5

The words we choose to use shape our thinking and the world around us. What we don't name doesn't exist and, worse, what we name badly gets stuck between the grates of prejudice. It’s not just about gender identity, it’s about racism, ageism, ableism. However, when dealing with a binary language like Italian, the main issue seems to create a vocabulary that makes all our students feeling safe, respected, and represented in the class space. This workshop aims at sharing some information about the concept of Linguaggio ampio, discussing how the current social climate in Italy influences the change and suggesting possible strategies, such the use of * and ə, that we can implement here, as inclusive antipodean Italians.

Dr Laura Lori

Dr Laura Lori is an Italian-born academic teacher, researcher, and translator. She is Academic Lead for Arts Discovery and Senior Tutor in Italian Studies at the University of Melbourne. All her work examines the multiple ways in which literature can positively influence socio-personal and historical discourses concerning immigration, gender, identity, and colonialism.