Session 3. 12:00 noon. Room 3

The WebEx platform is more than just a tool for meetings and collaboration. As a Virtual teacher this tool has allowed teachers to access and deliver curriculum programs that they would otherwise be unable to access or deliver in their schools. Isabella will take you on her virtual delivery journey from the pilot to the program as it is today.

This workshop will demonstrate the ease in which your program can be delivered using a virtual platform.

Isabella Mammoliti

Isabella has been teaching F-6 students for over 22 years. She has always had a passion for Italian culture and language. This passion has inspired her teaching. One of the many roles in her teaching career, took her on the journey as one of the original presenters of PALS. This experience gave her the opportunity to trial the Virtual Italian Program in Victorian rural schools. Currently, Isabella is the Italian teacher at Carlton North PS and the Virtual Italian teacher for Ouyen F-6, Leitchville PS, Gunbower PS, Tempy PS and Underbool PS.