Session 2. 11:15am. Room 6

Eleonora Luisetto will be discussing her journey of The Teaching Excellence Program and looking at responsive pedagogy, through the lens of two practitioner inquiries.She will share her findings on how to design language learning opportunities that increase student's use of oral language within the Early Years Italian classroom, despite the time constraints and challenges of post-COVID-19 learning.Additionally, she will discuss how to create learning experiences that support student self-efficacy in speaking and understanding in second language acquisition using Dr Gianfranco Conti's MARSEARS methodology and the application of various strategies.Participants will gain insights into how to create a student-centred learning environment that promotes active participation and increases students' oral language skills.

Eleonora Luisetto

Eleonora Luisetto is an accomplished educator with a passion for teaching Italian language and culture. With expertise in visual art, design, and the not-for-profit sector, Eleonora has delivered engaging programs in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and Victorian curriculum.As an alumni of The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership and an inaugural graduate of The Teaching Excellence Program 2022, Eleonora has honed her teaching skills to deliver exceptional learning experiences to her students. She also brings a wealth of experience as the former Head of Languages at Xavier College Kew F-Year 8, and as a current NFP Board Member.

Eleonora's contributions to the field of education extend beyond her role as an educator, having written for and been featured in publications such as Co.As.It,  Orizzonti and IL Globo. She is deeply committed to Language teaching and learning, developing engaging activities that foster a love of Italian language and culture.As an advocate for lifelong learning and curiosity, Eleonora cultivates and sustains strong educational relationships within the community through her connection with various associations and the promotion of second language learning.