Session 1. 10:30am. Room 3

Incredible food is synonymous with Italy, and it's a topic we always teach in our Italian classes. But when was the last time you really thought about the construct of 'food' as a cultural entity? In this session we will discuss 'food' in the Italian classroom through three lenses - what food is (product), what it represents (signifier), and the stories food tells (narrative). Together, we will unpack this ‘hierarchy’ of higher-order thinking, and challenge you to prepare lessons and units of work that are rich in these perspectives and will engage and entertain your students. We will also play with lesson ideas and threads, ready for you to use in your classrooms.

Jenna Lo Bianco

Jenna Lo Bianco is a teacher of Italian, published author, and Fellow of The International Specialised Skills Institute. She is in the final stages of her PhD in Education, through which she is specialising in Italian language education in Victoria and Australia. Follow her on Instagram (@the.italian.teacher), where she shares Italian-related content and resources, and advocates for Italian language education in Australia. Jenna also writes commercial women's fiction set in Italy, and her novels will soon be published by Pan Macmillan Australia.