VATI Congress 2024 - Presentations available to download

Elizabeth Gage (NGV) - The NGV: Using the Arts to enrich learning of Italian language and culture

Nathalie Marchand - Enabling students' growth: differentiation in action

Antonella Taylor - Tried and tested practical Italian resources for use in senior classes

James Rampant - Using story maps, cards, gestures, and rhythm to teach language

Sarah Pavy - Effective feedback and student improvement

Laura Lori - Insegnare italiano con i social

Isabella Fernandez - Brain Breaks Enhancing learning in the Italian primary language classroom

Giulia Tomat - VCE Oral exam part 2: Discussion. How to differentiate within the main topic

Sarah Pavy - Behaviour management and engagement of students

Amy Horneman - Catering for gifted and high ability learnenrs in the mixed ability languages classroom 

Sarah Pavy - Boosting confidence in speaking-engaging activities

Mark Gabriele. Exploration AI's transformative potential in language education

Luca Morandini - Is the robotic language tutor ready to help teach Italian?

Elena Pirovano, Riccardo Amorati, Workshop 1 - Linguaggio ampio - Gender-just linguistic practices in the Italian class. An introduction

Sarah Pavy - Boosting confidence in speaking-engaging activities